Wireless Communication

MRA’s team of structural and civil engineers, surveyors and landscape architects respond quickly to the demands of the wireless communication industry.

MRA’s in-house team combines efforts to assist in wireless communication network development from the initial site evaluation through construction. We provide site feasibility services that include surveys, structural engineering, land development services, stormwater management, landscape architecture, photo simulations, and FAA survey certifications. Our team has design experience in a wide variety of telecommunication sites ranging from raw land tower sites to rooftop installations in metropolitan locations.

Our structural engineers are experienced in the analysis and design of the several major types of communication towers used in the wireless industry: monopoles, self-supporting towers, and guyed towers, as well as their supporting foundations.  When a tower collocation is proposed, our design staff can determine the impact a client’s proposed antenna configuration may have on a particular structure, including various what-if scenarios to see what is needed to minimize load on the structure. If the structure is overloaded, preliminary and detailed reinforcing schemes are provided in order to evaluate the feasibility of increasing the structure’s capacity.

In addition to communication towers, our structural engineers are experienced in other structures used for collocation, including buildings, electrical transmission towers and poles, water tanks, and sign support structures.

Once the site is ready for construction, we provide construction stakeout and construction administration services. Specific services provided to the wireless communication industry include:


  • Land Use documentation including boundary surveys, fee simple plats, lease plats, right-of-way and easement documents
  • Topographic surveys including GPS established orientation reference points
  • Zoning and construction documents for jurisdictional approval and construction
  • Expert testimony for zoning and development review committee hearings
  • Structural engineering services
  • Architectural services
  • Stormwater management and water quality engineering services
  • Landscape architecture
  • Construction stakeout


  • Structural analysis of new and existing towers including monopoles, lattice towers, guyed truss towers, transmission towers and poles, water tanks, and sign support structures, as well as their foundations
  • Design of tower foundations based on site-specific geotechnical recommendations
  • Transmission tower and foundation analysis & design
  • Utility/infrastructure critical tower and foundation analysis & design
  • Tower reinforcement/modification design
  • Small cell tower and foundation designs
  • RF friendly concealment designs
  • Evaluation and analysis of existing building structures for roof top installations
  • Temporary tower analysis and design
  • Mount analysis, classification & design
  • Photo simulations and balloon tests
  • Switch facility analysis, modification, and design
  • Tower maintenance and inspection services
  • Tower and mount post modification inspection services
  • Tower and mount mappings
  • Contractor rigging and tower construction sequencing review
  • Tower value engineering
  • FCC repack engineering services