Village of Cecil Woods Water Tank 1000pxMRA provided engineering services to evaluate and develop an upgrade program for the existing water treatment plant, groundwater sources, and sewage pumping station serving 134 active adult residences. Additional services were provided to determine necessary improvements to support the addition of 100 residences to the community.

A program of recommended operational improvements to the existing water treatment plant was prepared to support continued operation of the plants including recycling of filter backwash water. A 62,000-gallon standpipe was constructed to equalize peak and instantaneous demands. The process controls were modified to integrate the storage tank with the Trident package plant, chemical addition for disinfection and pH adjustment, hydropneumatic  tank, and two wells.

A low pressure sewer system (LPSS) was designed as an alternative to a system comprised of a conventional gravity sewer system and four sewage pumping stations to serve the additional 100 residences that were located in an area of extensive wetlands.

In support of the expansion of the community, an outline of improvements to the existing sewage pumping station was developed to enhance performance and ensure safe pumping capacity.