Eric Bond

Baltimore, MD Office
(443) 490-7201

Eric joined MRA in 2021 as Director of Design of MRA’s City Studio in Baltimore. With more than 19 years of experience, Eric has been named an Associate of MRA.

Eric is responsible for design leadership and overseeing much of the design work in the studio. He leverages his design skill and critical thinking ability to push the design limits of the studio, incorporating many forms of media and expression in his efforts.

Eric has led in the design and production of large urban design projects. He has also spent many years focused on multi-family, cultural, and public safety projects, serving private clients, municipalities, and local/state governments across the country. His dedication to design has been recognized with multiple national design awards.

Eric earned a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design from Morgan State University. Recent completed projects designed by Eric include Lib’s Grill restaurant in Bel Air and a high-end statement single family home in Timonium. He has created numerous designs and renderings for multiple large housing projects, retail centers, and cultural projects. Eric is currently working on the GAF facility in Baltimore City, multiple new offices for MRA/GTA locations, and another statement home in Baltimore County.