Mike Ray, Prof. LS, Promoted to Associate

Michael L. Ray, PLS, PSM, Prof. LS
Land Surveying
Raleigh, NC Office
(984) 200-2103

We are pleased to announce that Michael L. Ray, PLS, PSM, Prof. LS, has been promoted to an Associate of MRA.

Mike has 31 years of surveying experience and directs the land surveying department at MRA’s Raleigh office. He is responsible for managing and performing conventional field surveys, construction staking operations, topographic surveys, geometric computations, and boundary determinations as well as preparing subdivision record plats. Mike uses Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment on a multitude of development and environmental enhancement projects. He performs and manages the use of static and VRS GPS equipment for the establishment of horizontal and vertical controls and the use of mobile GPS systems for the mapping of floodplains, the location of non-tidal wetland delineations, and the staking of boring locations for subsurface analysis. He also provides surveying support to MRA’s Raleigh Engineering Department and oversees the necessary computations and deed research which is essential for the preparation of accurate construction documents.

Mike received his Associate of Arts degree in Land Surveying Technology from Catonsville Community College in 1993. He holds professional registrations in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, North Dakota, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.